I am not sure if I ever told you this, but
by the time I was ten, I had moved over six times. Upon our first encounter, just like
most, you probably thought of me as someone with a clear sense of direction and coming
to visit you was just another step in the grand plan.
While this is not entirely untrue- you were always a good judge of character- I always
considered myself more of a nomad, wandering from one place to the next, with no true sense
of direction, constantly looking for the next adventure. I was sure to stay this way, wandering,
passing by, never leaving behind anything more than a few fond memories.
That’s how I felt about you, you know. You were just supposed to be insignificant, another
removed aspect of my life. We were supposed to meet, enjoy each other’s company for
the time being and then bid our farewells. However, for some reason that I still cannot
truly explain you were different. Whenever I became ready to move on, you excited me
in a new way. Whenever I was frustrated, you surprised me with something delightful.
Maybe it was the way your warmth kissed my face in the late of November, or your uncanny
ability to squeeze a laugh out of me at any given moment, but for some reason you would
not let me go and you still have not let me go.
I catch myself daydreaming about the times we spent together and long to be in your presence.
I think of moments I wish we could go back to now.
You are the one who showed me that there is more to life than wandering, and for that
you have a special place in my heart. I may not say this to many people very often, but
Cape Town I miss you.