Murray State encourage its students to study
abroad The university offers multiple programs and classes in numerous foreign countries
the study abroad fair gives students the chance to meet with professors who instruct abroad
and with MSU partners from across the globe. The study abroad fair setup has many booths
displaying the wide array of study abroad opportunities. Many students like to study
abroad with their respective faculty member but others like to travel alone. The education
abroad office works to satisfy the student’s wants and needs. A large number of our students the vast majority
of our students that actually study abroad will go with their faculty members but then
we have tons of students also who really want to do something a little more independent
so I was just talking with a student who wants to study in England she wants to go completely
on her own for a full semester she doesn’t want to be with a group which is actually
close to my heart because that is what exactly I did when I was a student so I completely
understand that need for independence and wanting to have that direct enrollment experience
so that is why you see many different types of programs we want students to find the thing
that is right for them One of the biggest concerns students have
before studying abroad is the financial impact it can have. Those helping lead the fair take
the time to talk to students about how to pay for the trip. Many of our students don’t even understand
what their bill is at Murray State for a semester so we try to tell them hey you are paying
x amount to go to Murray State already for this semester lets pay that same amount and
go to Germany for this semester or go to Spain for this semester go to Korea we have several
semester programs that are the same costs as Murray State so students who are financially
strapped those are fantastic programs for them if funding is an issue then it is our
job to really sit down with students and help them understand how they can afford it so
we talked to them about those scholarships and how they can use federal aid and those
types of things Studying abroad can be a life changing experience.
The study abroad fair gives the chance for those involved to discuss prior trips and
how it greatly impacted their lives. I came into college with idea that I would
go abroad and I didn’t know that it was going change me in any way or that there would be
a huge effect on me I just thought I was going to go see and travel and do a bunch of cool
stuff but then what happened to me whenever I was abroad was I met people from all over
the world I learned more about my own culture my own history that US history than I even
that I ever knew whenever I met international people who knew more about my country and
my history than I did so if that did that for me from someone that came a family that
was already very open and accepting then what I see it happening with students is students
who you know may also come from an open minded family go abroad and again they decide wow
I think I want study of language to my major I think I want to add international add international
business they start to think about more than just themselves.