Hola! So, today folks
we’re going to talk a little bit about staying
in a homestay studying abroad. For
all future students I really encourage you
to stay with the homestay to get the full experience…
of just studying abroad. You fully immerse
yourself in the culture and you’re hanging out
with your second family and waking up to them, and
you’re going home to them. So you really get the full
experience with staying home in a homestay.
It can be a little discouraging and
intimidating at first. For me personally,
I don’t speak Spanish to well, I went to Latin
America. So, walking into a household that
spoke minimal English and me, minimal
Spanish, it was a little bit discouraging, but we got
through it and now we’re really close.
I’m really close with my second family in
Costa Rica. I definitely
encourage it. Studying abroad you
don’t study abroad to become to comfortable all
the time, so you have to step out of your
comfort zone and staying homestay kind
of makes you do that. With saying homestay
it definitely helped me improve my
language skills through speaking to
them, telling them like, “Hey, I’m going out
right now…. …I won’t be home for dinner,
I’ll be home late.” or, like just little
things like that that you kind of take
for granted being able to say,
and then have… me having to learn to
say it to my family. You also observe
how they interact with each other and what they
do through their daily lives how they interact with their
other family members who come over.
My papa tico would always watch soccer
on the couch they would babysit…I
guess it’d be technically “my nephew”, but
their grandkid, Thomas. Just eating the food,
as well. Getting that full
experience…definitely that’s the best way
to do it is getting that straight from
the house. We were really blessed
with awesome mama tica who cooked
some banging’ food. So ,you definitely
should stay in a home stay if you’re
studying abroad. I wouldn’t even
second-guess it or reconsider. If I
was to study abroad again…homestay
is a must.