This is our first business study abroad to
Italy, to Rome, Italy. We’re going to spend 5 weeks there from June 25 through August
2. So we’ll be staying at John Cabot University, the students will be in their student housing
which offers 24 hour security. The school itself is down near the Tiber River that,
with a short walk across the bridge, students can be over in the heart of Italy with shopping
and restaurants. During our stay there we’ll make some excursions to historical sites like
the Coliseum, the capital of Rome, Vatican City, but we’ll also make some trips up to
Pisa to see the leaning tower and we’ll make several trips to local Roman businesses. I’ll
be teaching two classes, our BUSA 3120, which is Operations Management, part of our business
core curriculum and then the second class is the study abroad class. And this is where
we’ll spend some time in the classroom learning about Italian history and culture and focusing
on government, unionization and then many of the business aspects in dealing in Italy.
Students are going to learn how to live in a foreign country where not everybody speaks
English. That’s a good experience when you go internationally, learning how to get around,
how to communicate but also be living there. I’m sure after the first week when we all
get our bearings, the students will start living, essentially, on their own, exploring
Rome together on their own, learning how to dine out and find places. Getting around and
experiencing the culture for five weeks in Italy will be a good learning experience.
The trip is $6,296.00 not including the tuition for the University of North Georgia and that
includes their housing and most breakfasts and lunches during the week and also our excursion
costs, travel in Italy and housing costs if we were to go for a few days away, hotels
and such.