Bonjourno, Bulldogs. We’re coming to you from our study abroad
trip in Rome, Italy. And our class this morning with Dr.B is broadcast live
from the famous Trevi Fountain. The Trevi Fountain is located one and a half
miles, or a thirty minute walk from our apartment complex near our partner school, John Cabot
University. Started in 1732, this became open to the public
in 1962. The stone used was taken from the Tigra River,
and scene depicted is called “The Taming of Waters” with the God Poseidon in the
middle. The water is an aqueduct, which is a natural
spring and it originally fed the fountains in the back houses of Central Rome. It’s one of the oldest fountains, dating
back to 19 B.C. Legend has it that a little girl lead Roman soldiers here for refreshing
water. 21 billion gallons of water flow through the
fountain every single day, that water use to be free-flowing, but is now recycled for
sustainability. The tradition is to throw three coins into
the fountain, one at a time, the traditional way is to do it with your left hand over your
right shoulder. The first toss is a wish and a promise to
come back to rome. The second coin is a wish to find your romance. The third toss is to find a marriage. Every single day, there is 3,000 euro that
is found in the fountain. The money is used to help people that are
in need most. Alright everybody, it’s time to start class. (italian words) (muffled hellos) Woo!