An international student can expect a very
warm welcome from us, and a very supportive environment. We’re here to help them adjust
to being in a new country, to adjust to being a new student at university, and there’s a
lot of support networks in place for us to ensure that they settle down and enjoy their
time here. I like to live on campus at Royal Holloway because everyone is really friendly.
In the International Study Centre they were really friendly and really nice and clear
about what I needed to do. We run a very comprehensive tutorial process whereby the students receive
one-to-one tutorials and small group tutorials to really guide them with their study and
their pastoral care while they’re here. Students can become involved with a range of other students from different cultures and different backgrounds, and a lot of undergraduate students
as well. They can become involved with societies on and off campus. Outside of the university
they have access to all the cultural heritage of the UK, all the historical heritage that
we have, the architecture and the buildings and the castles and thousands of years of
history. You can find a lot of history in so many places here, if you go to museums.
The atmosphere here is just amazing, and you can feel the British culture, and London,
the capital, is just amazing. There are many, many opportunities for international students to continue their studies throughout degree programmes, post-graduate programmes, masters and beyond that to their brighter futures.