In order to open a bank account, you
just need your passport and your university enrolment documents. Such a bank account, it’s the centre where
all money flows. You need it for example for paying university
fees, dining commons or, like me, getting the salary for my teaching job. And you will need it to withdraw cash from
ATMs or to pay directly in a store. Online payment like Apple Pay or Chinese payment
like WeChat or Alipay is more and more popular. Actually you can pay directly with Alipay
in RMB in Rossmann, the second biggest drug store chain in Germany. One more Chinese product surrounding us is
Safety Tax Free. The CEO is a Chinese exchange student here
and they are proud that he was well trained in the University of Paderborn. Via WeChat, and just in Chinese, you can have
tax refund. If you don’t want to open a new bank account. You can use your Chinese visa card for sure
or debit card as long as it has the label UnionPay. But sometimes you will be charged some transaction
fees. Cash is still often used in Germany, probably
because Germans have a high sense of privacy and cash is impossible to track, but every
online transaction might be logged by whoever. So, many people still prefer to pay cash. Before I came to Germany, I was thinking about
the how life is like in Germany. For example, can you also find some ingredients
for Asian food in some markets? Or what should I do, when I get sick? Even so, Paderborn University is offering
a buddy program, which is already perfect, but there was still an uncertainty. It turns out, it is not so bad. And Germany is a civilised country. So, let us look at some typical issues. If you love Western food, it is of course
easy to buy the ingredients in a variety of supermarkets. But many German supermarkets are offering
ingredients to prepare a foreign, say an Asian meal. For special cooking stuff you need to go to
an Asian grocery store. And there are plenty of those in Paderborn.