Ok, your first night in Paderborn. You’ve arrived by train. What happens now? So, you really want to have your first night
pre-booked. Otherwise you’ll have a lot of hassle. One option is you stay in a suiting dormitory and your room is available from your first day onwards. That’s great. That’s the easiest solution. If that’s the case, you need to go to Studentenwerk. You check which room you are in specifically,
they will take care of you. If not, you probably need a hotel or you need
to stay with a friend for the first few nights. Again, pre-book something via a booking website
like booking.com, a German version would be hrs.de or any other international booking
website. You really don’t want to rely on finding
something here locally once you arrived. That’s not a good idea. You might end up with a very expensive solution. So pre-book things, really. Now, after the first couple of days finding
housing outside of student dorms actually isn’t all that easy. There are a couple of popular websites like
Immobilienscout, but you might expect to spend a few days, even a few weeks on finding something
that is convenient, that is cheap, that is close to campus. So, you really want to prepare for that. Really make sure you have pre-booked the accommodation for your first couple of nights, that you are all set, so you can arrive hassle-free, no worries there.