I chose to study abroad in my third year because
I knew that it was important that I started to develop my personal skills before I went
into the professional world. When I graduate I’ve been looking at project management roles,
but also I’ve been looking at roles outside of the UK, I kind of miss that excitement
of being somewhere new. You can really tailor your year to how you want to develop your
own skills and where you want to be. I split it so I did my first six months in Australia,
at the University of Western Australia, then I did my second six months in Hong Kong, at
the City University of Hong Kong. In Australia, I was able to pick modules which really extended
my learning such as Asia in the world economy, then when I went to Hong Kong, I was able
to experience this first hand. I was able to network with people from countries all
over the world, and it gave me a better understanding of why people think they way they do, and
that’s really transferable, and I’m really glad I was able to develop myself in this