[music intro]
Traveling is such a big part of my life now that I don’t even know who I would be if I hadn’t
done Study Away and Study Abroad programs at Temple. It’s the love of my life I guess. My name is Brianna Prime and I’m a senior. I’m majoring in Strategic
Communication, concentrating in Public Relations and International Communications and I’m minoring in Spanish. I never knew that you could study abroad in
college until I got here. As a freshman I applied and didn’t think
I’d get in because I was a freshman and I got in
[airplane take-off] And then my first trip was in Dublin. Living in Dublin was kind of like living in
a very young, historical yet metropolitan city. It was really interesting. [airplane flying] After that I did the Latin American Semester
Program Spring 2013. We lived in Heredia, Costa Rica and I stayed with a host family. [music builds] I just paid for my whole trip to Barcelona,
Spain with scholarships. I was interning for a hotel, Gran Havana. [music] If only I started a miles account back
in 2012 it would be very beneficial but I think I’ll do that, I’ll probably start
that soon. [music]
Travelling has definitely helped me throughout my classes. Obviously, with Spanish I was able to practice
Spanish in Costa Rica. And I definitely learned how to be independent. I’ve had my internship
abroad and here. I’ve done more than I ever thought I’d accomplish in life in the past
three and a half years I’ve been here. In the future, I’ll definitely keep connections
and come back and hopefully one day I can be giving out the scholarships.