The first thing is the nature and beauty of
Scotland. Everywhere we’ve been is just spectacular the views, the flower fields
and the mountains and, all the rivers were so clear you can literally drink
from rivers and I kind of didn’t expect such a advanced country to have so
many nature natural beauties. And because I was expecting more modern in their society. One of the highlights are people who from Sinclair Community
College who went with me in my group and they offered me a lot help and kind of
gave me a feeling of a family and we support each other. Before this trip we
didn’t know each other, we didn’t know anyone I didn’t know anyone in the group
about after the trip we became a family and I made friends with them much faster
than I expected. Everything is a really small city and we
spend seven days there and I walked around a lot inside city and I saw
those stone buildings, old buildings beside to modern architects and its kind
of construct. When I was studying everything I walked a lot in the city I
walked a lot in Aberdeen and my favorite part about everything is the buildings
and architects you can see those 17th century’s stone buildings right next to
a modern concrete and steel buildings and that’s just a amazing contrast bring
you back to the old time but also remind you you are in a modern society. So we
wish the large castles in Scotland it’s a very old country and those castles
showed how old their civilization is and one of the particular castles I remember
is Dunnottar and it was right beside a cliff and you can see the ocean as a
background when you walk to water and we actually had a little hiking
trail, we actually hiked a little along a trail beside the ocean and when I was
there it felt like. I mean a kind of picture or in a sense
in being a movie it just feels unreal I had never touched
golf club before I went to this trip and we actually spent two or three days
staying in a golf club and we had some golf training a little bit tough
practicing and that was really good we had most of our meals in a golf club
in a second week and the golf club is located beside right beside the ocean
and everywhere we went they are just spectacular ocean views and actually did
something really special I went to swim in the ocean and it was May but it’s
really cold in Scotland. I will definitely recommend his trip to other
students in the future and whoever will have a chance to take advantage of study
aboard program instantly relationship go out and explore on a world and see other
cultures learn about other countries it’s definitely gonna change your life. you