You get more open minded and you actually
see more than, well, your own plate that you have in front of you – you see above that
plate, and you see above that table and get some, yeah get lot of knowledge for your self
and for your life. That’s a life experience, not just study somewhere. It’s really good at Curtin University – I
am studying actually in Australia, because the reputation is way higher. The clinic and
the practise where I work at they will be very happy, when I come back they’re already
looking forward to it and that I share the knowledge that I gained here with them. The German government provides a scholarship
that comes with the program so I can actually pay the expenses of my accommodation this
is basically what the scholarship covers and that actually helps a lot. On the map it looks like Perth is really,
really isolated but that’s also the good part of it. So you don’t have to go too far out
of it, to be in the nature and probably in the middle of nowhere, but that’s when the
fun part starts. We have a group of four, we rented camper
vans and we basically all of us, we’re all kite surfers so we just followed the beach
and whenever there is a nice beach we can, we can surf at, we just hop out and yeah get
started. I do also a bit of rock climbing but that’s
something you can also do around here. It’s not difficult to go out and to be in a very
natural environment. It gives a nice study-life balance. A couple of times, during the semester I was
sick but well I had very very nice maids at my flat, on campus housing. And they basically
built me up and they got medicine for me, made me a tea or a coffee or whatever I needed
so that was usually when you’re sick for a long time it’s the point where you are home
sick and when you want your parents around or like old friends but they made it such
a family environment for me at my flat, at Curtin that I really got through that pretty
well. 1,2,3 – 1,2,3 sitting right behind you! Three things, reasons why I come to Curtin. When you live on campus you just meet so many
new people from overseas, from all over the world. I met people from Scandinavia, from
the Middle East. I met people from the States a lot and people from Africa and all around
Asia I did a trip to Bali as well, for a couple
of days. Basically the scuba diving was very interesting so you not only see above the
water but also when you dig your head into the water and you’ve got totally different
wild life and coral reeves and turtles swimming around and ah, we really enjoyed that time
there. So we were feeding turtles and fishes and
all that stuff that was something totally out of the ordinary. If you go overseas, and if you find something
else, some places to go to, you need to study at – or be open minded and take everything
in that you can. So every information that you can and try to be as open minded as possible
and get to know other people all over the world and have a great time.