– [Paulina] There are limits
to what you can experience when you just live your daily life. Everyday seems the same until
you step out into the unknown. – [Cathrine] I’m from a small country and to be successful
in this global economy, you have to open yourself to
trade and sharing with others. I mean, everything is trade. Where do you think your
morning coffee comes from? – [Braxton] Monash brings different people and disciplines together. For me, studying abroad
means finding myself and developing my inner drive. My goal is to help treat diseases affecting minority populations and by coming here,
halfway across the world, I can reach my full potential and make a difference in people’s lives. – [Paulina] I think the world
is in a really big crisis; healthcare, global warming,
and distribution of wealth. These are all major issues. More than ever, it’s important
to use math and science to build connections and
communicate across cultures. Often, the best solutions
come from unlikely places. I feel like Monash is all
about creating a community of people that want to make a difference. Studying abroad is about
stepping out of your daily life. Because to grow, you need
a different take on things. I think you have to take a risk and step out of the ordinary. That’s the only way to evolve as a person.