I went to Italy in 2011. I went to Germany, France and Luxembourg. Iwent to Italy in 2011. I went to Belize and I went in may for two weeks. I went to Italy in 2012. I went to Belize. I also
went to France Germany and Luxembourg. Honestly, I feel like this is an
affordable way to travel the world. Everything was planned for you and you
make lifelong friends. Just the experiences and the people you meet within the program I feel like is the best experience. I guess waking up and
you were surrounded by beauty like constantly any time of the day anywhere
you went it was beautiful just the people I went with just made the trip
even more amazing. I would say the trip impacted me greatly. This was my first
time ever going outside the country, except for Canada, but I don’t really count that, and I’ve just had a urge to travel. I’ve gone to Costa Rica since then immersing myself in a different culture, different language, different people ,different food. I’ve just become so much more involved in just international affairs and
politics, and I feel like a lot of that has come from me going to Italy. It’s been great. My favorite part of the trip was just
getting the culture and living there for a whole month, and experience all the
people, all the food, just the way they live life over there. And I just
feel that Italy has impacted me and just grabbing all the culture that I learned
over there and just bringing it to me with my studies and my jobs and it just
made me simulate better with my coworkers. My favorite part of scuba
diving was actually looking through the water and seeing the little particles
how slow they move because you’re so deep into the water but when you go to the
surface of the water dirt all scrambles it’s kind of like a metaphor for life
it’s always going to be praising the surface but when you start looking deep
inside you it’s nothing you have to worry about. Just enjoy it