My name is Paul Brown. I’m Kelly Gardner. My name is Diana Santi. I’m lucky enough to be a teacher at the New Film Academy. I’m the Dean of Students. I’m the Director of The New York Film Academy in Florence. One of the great things about New York Film Academy
is we have these Study Abroad Programs. We have campuses all over the globe: The unique education you will get at the New York Film Academy is exactly the same as the one you will receive overseas. When you’re studying abroad,
you’re not just a tourist in these countries. You’re really immersed in the culture. Meeting new people who’ve also come from around the world. For example people from India, Brazil, Japan, Australia, the United States, Nigeria A huge community of foreigners. Regionally accredited transcripts are available
for all New York Film Academy International programs. So not only on a external journey in the world, but most importantly you’re on an internal journey of transformation New York Film Academy is offering that opportunity. We have an approach that is really about hands on learning. You will be writing, directing, producing, and editing. We put the cameras in your hand and allow you to learn by doing. Making this art form your own. You start from an idea and then you develop into a product
that you can actually see Actors will collaborate with the filmmakers. They will attend classes such as improvisation,
voice and movement, acting for camera, scene study. You’re constantly in front of the camera. You’re learning all these wonderful tools. But you’re also doing it in an amazing environment. And that’s going to help influence the stories you create. In Florence, we are steps away from The Duomo, Ponte Vecchio. We’re talking about the heart of the Renaissance. Every corner they turn, every angle,
there is either a statue or amazing church facade. Literally, it’s magic in the air. People will love to have students shooting their movies you know at their cafe, their gelato, or pizza place. Florence is a boutique city. Paris is a metropolis. In Paris we are located at La Fèmis which is the most prestigious film school in France. You can base your story in an amazing city like Paris. One of the most beautiful, recognizable city in the world. You feel like you are part of a movie. We have a school in Sydney and another at the Gold Coast, and that’s located right near Surfers Paradise. We also have access to our very own world class facility
at the Village Road Show Studios. So imagine those two places as options
for you as a filmmaker, as a creator. It’s very cinematic. It is truly the most beautiful places in the world. You have to go. Australia is your playground. It’s one of the wonders of the world, not only to experience,
but also to make movies. You’re getting this knowledge by working with working professionals that have years of training. As a teacher, the joy of watching all these
people come in as strangers. They all help each other, you know form a bond
because the essence of what we do is teamwork. There is this whole other world in China. Every day is an adventure. It’s a very old place. It’s also a very modern place, and there’s so many wonderful landmarks. We had a student, when I was there, shooting a kung fu movie. What better location to shoot a kung fu movie. We’ve still got all of these great elements
just in a park around the corner. It’s just an amazing place to put on camera. And there are so many wonderful places
that you can go and experience Chinese culture. Seeing this through their own unique lens, and when you leave your lens has shifted. Traveling to these places make you a better storyteller because you’re more present. And so you immerse yourself. The stories that we’re telling are universal. Everybody share their experience with the other, and so everybody grows together. Learning storytelling is not just about learning to be a filmmaker. Anyone who wants to try it, why not? It’s learning how to communicate your ideas. We’re watching people take that knowledge,
and apply it and become successful. Go on a hero’s journey and as you create, you create yourself. Your artistry is what we’re looking for. It will inspire an artist. No doubt about it.