Yeah, mom, I’m still working at that chair place, it’s fine. That’s good. Did you see your brother just got engaged? Don’t forget your sister’s graduating this Saturday. Yeah, I saw on Facebook and no, no I won’t forget. OK good cuz I can’t wait to see you. You know. It do you good to have little more initiative. Like them. I don’t think initiative has that much to do with getting married, mom. hmm… well… It kinda does. It takes initiative… to meet a friend and going out… dressing up and being nice… Look mom. I’m about to meet a friend. Uh, I gotta go. Love you. Bye So, what are you doing for the big three, um… I don’t know something low-key. I was thinking about going to that French bistro place. Oh my god… I love that place. Although it’s not super authentic French food whenever I studied abroad in France. It was amazing. They have this staying there “Bonjour” it basically translates to “hello.” But we don’t have like an exact translation in English the de Crepes there. They’re so good. Well, I was also thinking about going to this Top Last place. The one by your house? Not authentic at all. Whenever I said, you’re brought in Spain. It was the best food ever… and It’s very difficult to find tacos there, but you can find them. You just have to like look on Google. Yes, we are the leading company in folding chairs We have casual chairs perfect for bridge night along with specialty wedding reception chairs that would make any Did you see my invite? My dinner party is next Monday. yeah, I just have a thing Hmm, you know Charlie you remind me a lot of myself when I was your age. Didn’t want to make any friends around the office. Thought I’d be out of here in less than a year. But you could be raining out 14 chairs for the rest of your life. You got it in you. You remind me a lot of myself when I was your age. So, what are you doing for the big three, yeah? You could be raining our 40 chests for the rest of your life.. The rest of your life… Whenever I studied abroad in France… Studied abroad… Well looking at your transcript here it seems that you’re eligible for multiple study abroad scholarships, but I’m seeing also one issue. You’re wanting to go to Argentina, but you don’t quite meet the prerequisites because you’ve only taken Spanish two. But since your area of study is environmental science You’re the perfect candidate to go to Peru for an environmental science program and you’ve already taken the intro class for it That’s perfect. When can I go? Well slow down we have a lot to do before we get you there, but Charlie, I’m gonna get you there if it’s the last thing I do. [Music] Well Charlie, it looks like you’re going to Peru! Congratulations!