[Music] [Music] [Music] okay [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] frankly and you can discuss between teachers colleagues choose this program our program the program so firstly you have a competitive advantage over your colleagues situations third more than theoretical and students will receive a diploma from American University recognized American University and you’ll meet people and build a new network of context sauce I think this is the most most important you see University providing any cheap accommodation for its students and is it easy to get it for our students for foreign students we provide accommodation which is close to center and also to the University and the price you know depends on the type of rooms for example but in tomorrow it’s 180 per month that internal room with balcony it’s almost 200 it’s permanent 320 and [Music] [Music] program coordinator at University of Economics in Bratislava it’s here to help you anytime but mostly in organized organization part of study if you have any questions I mean the study questions or about content of program is better to contact coordinator in the USA [Music] you how are you today I would like to ask you about your experience in succulent hair like people your life here what’s so different oh thank you very much for the questions first I’m going to talk about my life my life here so far has been so fun for me because I am from Nigeria and Africa and since I moved in here it’s been more homely for me the students are so fun I mean it’s not like which story steady steady we have this close relationship with the students and the professors and the student life here generally is more entertaining to you know we learn so much and we we call it we don’t dog it’s not a darling moment where the students and the professors so since I’ve been here it’s been fun for me it’s been kind of a second home for me and I feel so much more fun here and talking about the education life here it’s it’s very interesting for me because I study outside study I have more time for my research work I have more time to get to meet with the students and the people in Slovakia and open-minded you know so I feel very much comfortable here it’s been fun here so far I mean the party life is so great I mean III meet up with the student ever since I moved in towards more life hey how you doing and we go to different places we travel around you know because I’m Slavic acts like in the middle of almost everywhere so it’s been sponsor of the traveling experience the feed words and the way is also you know so I really feel very much comfortable here can you tell us now something about about University about students teachers or this good it’s been great so far I mean you know Matt my studies by my class works and because we have this group work a lot of time and then it became more more easy for us you know and it was just more about riding riding or the two vertical part but it’s been more our experiences and you know so I feel like I’m doing more of the work and I’m understanding better so the University of the whole it’s been welcoming the administration’s they’re always in support you know every time we have a problem you know we we talk to them and in 24 hours of the same minute we have solutions to it so it’s been more interesting here it’s been more of Education it’s been more of fun it’s been more real understanding between the professors the student the administration it’s like a family here so a few more comfortable my studies and I enjoy the study program my professional life I will tell you it’s it’s easier because I could combine my studies and work together because as a native speaker of English and then being able to speak one or two other languages which is not so important as a student here you you find a job easily so you can breathe support yourself at the same time while you’re working because you you can work 20 hours and I think this is great because while you are studying you were having more experience so for me I’d apply what I get to do at work to get out with my studies in class so it’s a good is a good thing for me because I’m able to put myself in a corporate society while I’m studying you know and this gives me more time to also to you to meet people you know and to get more into the the culture itself and it’s it’s a very good opportunity here because you can easily get jobs I would say as a student where you can support yourself yeah and then you know because basically for example when I won’t come here one of the good reasons why I move here was because of a cheap label you know and I think here so far you don’t need so much millions to live under student you know you have a good quality um host to live a mediator between you have quality education in the classroom you know the facilities are great so I think it’s it’s it’s my professional career at the universities really helping me because every paper she need for the body employment and give it to you easily Wow well it’s been fun like I said I’m a social person and we need students we we have a lot of activities you know we traveled a lot a lot of trips and I play rugby I play football you know I never scared in my life but if I could hear I started to ski like it was it was really fun for me you know so all these things are so much fun that this school is gonna Jane I go to Jane I try to keep myself fit most of the time it’s students we’re playing football to cattle you know like I feel the snow you know play football in the snow so it’s really funny a lot of activities we travel to different places to different cities to different town you know so my social life has been it’s been so much fun of more sporting activities traveling the students and having good times you know so it’s really great your questions study to the scale and we can answer all their questions about the admission requirements or and I think you are interested in thank you for watching and have a nice day