Kia Ora! Mabuhay! I’m Jay-r Wijangco, I’m
from Quezon City, Philippines. Mabuhay! I’m Jade Venezuela, I’m originally from Ormoc
City, Philippines, and my agency is Golden Summit in Cebu with
Mr. Joel Angon, and my agent is Miss Billie Borres and I one thing that I really love
about Golden Summit is they are quite supportive with their students and they help you from
start until the end and actually they’re helping me also with my Competency Assessment Programme
for nurses. I chose Waiariki because I heard a lot of
positive feedback about the school especially with their tutors and their staff because
they are quite supportive with their students especially with the International Center with
Sir Bipul. And also if you’re having hard time here with your assessments, you can easily
approach our tutors here, they’re really approachable and
helpful and if they are not available you can also approach our Learning Advisors, they
are every day, you can approach them every day and yeah yeah, and also the school is
multicultural so you know you can experience different cultures all around the world especially
with our we experienced Indian culture, Nepalese and other cultures as well, and you don’t
need to worry about adapting here because all the people here are kind and approachable
they are quite nice you don’t have to worry about that. The reason why I chose New Zealand is that,
New Zealand has the easiest and fastest way in terms of processing their Student Visa,
and I think that’s one of the advantage of New Zealand and in
terms of weather, New Zealand has four seasons in a year and sometimes you’ll experience
the four seasons in one day that you can, but you cannot experience in the Philippines,
and the next thing is you can experience work-life balance here in New Zealand
that you cannot find back in our home country. And I specifically chose Rotorua because the
cost of living here is quite low compared to other cities like Auckland or Wellington
and aside from that there are lots of Filipinos here. The Filipino community is quite supportive
and there are lots of events with regards to Filipino, such as Filipino culture or we
also have these games every Saturday like basketball and volleyball. And I think Rotorua
is one of the tourist destination of New Zealand that sometimes they’re providing big events
here like, what you call that bike competition? Crankworx here as well as the Xterra. So,
if you are into sports or if you’re into trails, so, Rotorua is for you. So, now I’m already finished my I already
finished my studies, so, I’m working full-time now in that’s related to my health profession,
and maybe soon I’ll do my Competency Assessment Programme as a
nurse here in Waiariki. So, yeah just just strive hard and you know just don’t be disappointed
in looking for a job because looking for a job is really hard but it really depends on
you on how you strive in looking for a job. And if you really
need some support, you can, you can talk to our Filipino community here in Rotorua to
help you, and they will, they will, they will help you. With regards to accommodation here
in Rotorua, wala kayong dapat ikatakot because there are lots of houses here for rent, and
if you want cheaper accommodation, there are also homestays here and backpackers as well. So, wala kayo talaga, makakahanap talaga kayo
ng matitirahan dito sa Rotorua. Tapos, just like what I have said a while
ago, ang Filipino community very supportive sila sa mga bagong students especially students
here sa Rotorua. So, makakatulong sila sa paghanap ng bahay or matitirahan n’yo. And
sometimes we do share flat, so it’s a cheaper way in to live here in New Zealand. So, we hope to see you here in New Zealand
especially here at Waiariki. So, sana nakatulong kami sa inyo sa pagbibigay ng advice saka
tips para mabuhay dito sa New Zealand. Yung pamumuhay dito sa New Zealand is madali
lang talaga. So, wala kayong dapat e worry. And if meron kayong mga worries, makakatulong
sa inyo yung school especially international school with Bipul, mag hehelp talaga siya
sa inyo. Talagang wala kayong poproblemahin, you can
just message him in Facebook and just add him there, so, wala ng pagiging problema. And if naa moy mga problema, sama sa gimingaw
mo sa inyo, you can have, pwede kayong pwede kayong tumawag sa pamilya nyo.
So, ayaw mog kahadlok or ayaw mog ka worry na layo mo sa inyo. So, dapat strong lang
mo, and dapat mangita mo ug kanang friend or friends na pwede makatabang ninyo. Kaya, we really highly recommend New Zealand
especially Waiariki kasi dito namin na experience yung pinaka best experience na pwede namin
ma experience sa life namin. And hindi mo lang siya ma experience for a
while but pwede kang mag live dito at mabuhay dito. And pwede kayong mag build ng family
na gusto nyo na rin dito. And the school and your course will also help
you grow as a healthcare professional here in New Zealand. So, wala kayong poproblemahin
talaga sa pag live dito sa New Zealand. So, I hope na makikita namin kayo dito and you
know, we can chat and work with you here in New Zealand especially here in Rotorua. See
you! See you soon!