so if you want to study in Spain I recommend you to apply for a problem there it can be in English so can you study your master or can instead your Bachelor in Spain their reason is in Spain you have a most national environment you’ll have a students many students coming from order 68 I 78 nationalities so the very environment that I think help you in your personal and your professional life and I recommend you to study in Spain because beside of the weather that’s amazing it doesn’t matter if it’s summertime or winter time you can find job opportunities there if you are coming from Poland and you is the master a master there or any program and not necessarily you need to speak Spanish we have some international companies based in Spain in Barcelona Madrid in Majorca I can tell you about my Orca because I’m coming from there so we have British companies who have German companies that are based there and they are a hiring a contracting students coming from aboard abroad that speak English faithfully in more than one night language so it’s very is a very important that you go there and try to help yourself try to enter in our websites to apply for a job and don’t be afraid of I don’t speak Spanish I don’t know the the culture because the Spanish people are very mmm you are going to help you to do everything they are very kind and for sure you are be welcome there I’m from Brazil and I used to be a student in Spain and I’m working there so I’m sure that all futures every nationalities you will enjoy a lot there and you can take part of your your studies you can go to the party there in my Orca we have paseo marítimo in barcelona we have different kinds of party so I think it’s a place for everybody so you have Montaigne you have Islands you have everything the same place talking about cost of life in Spain mm I’m going to talk about the most the biggest series that basically if you are starting there you are going to pay around 200 to 500 euros for accommodation in a shared apartment that’s very common in Spain it’s very normal because we have many universities there and accommodation between 200 500 transportation you can take buy a bicycle there’s a public bicycle that you pay around 30 euros monthly if you buy differed in the supermarket see you are going to spend monthly around 200 euros in a part of tests they so depends on the school you can pay thing for the minimum which is that a master problem I guess it’s around 400 euros should to tell it to 10000 euros it depends on this the program but it’s important we should go there you check exactly what we are looking for because I’m sure that we can receive all the kinds of students all the profiles and for sure the polar distance coming from here can help us a lot and can share with your experience here and the different point of views that we really appreciate so talking about the job opportunities there in Spain if you are coming from European Union for tourism at ease because you just need to apply for a certificate and you can work there like full-time there is no problem if you are coming from outside the European Union and you are studying there during your studs you are able to work there to do an internship my guess depends on the country but basically 20 hours per week and talking about the salary ding turn is different than ours worker but basically you can earn a third like full-time from 700 euros to 2000 we rose the pence in the area so for sure that if your programmer you will is very easy to find job opportunities I guess in all the countries is in as well as they Spain so in some series if we have more opportunities in Palma de Majorca we have a place called bunk beds that we really need people that speak English more language and you can find a job you can help people to visit the city and you can teach us how to speak your language so you appreciate so I really invite you to study in Spain because as me I could you can have a very good opportunity to live there like in Palma de Majorca so I’m from Brazil I just did my internship in Spain and in my school offered me the opportunity to live there so for me to live outside in a small island is a very good I really appreciate this opportunity so you can travel to Barcelona you can travel to Madrid you can travel far out places in Spain and no different futures in a very good weather that I think for you it comes a lot [Music]