Big data now is becoming a serious competitive advantage for business, medium business, and even small businesses. They’re actually looking for people with expert skill sets in data analytics to help them in their business goals and objectives. This degree actually has the opportunity to afford a more holistic approach to what they’re doing at work. Students will be exposed to the full gamut of software, programs, systems within a creative space. The sky’s the limit. This degree is 100% online. So long as you’ve got an internet connection and a device you can study. All of our IT and Data Analytics students will be problem solvers. It’s what they’re trained to do, It’s what they’re geared to do, and it’s what they love best. We think learning activities are really important. And an example of one of the activities is a lego task. The importance of this lego task isn’t just to build something. But it’s for you to practise problem solving skills. And that is a really powerful learning experience for our students. Within the degree program, we’ve actually built in opportunities for students to engage with their fellow students. And the beauty of that, and significance of that, is the different industries that students will come from. And to be able to build that network in a study and creative environment, imagine the sparks that are going to come from that. We really pride ourselves on the fact that this degree and the courses we’ve developed are based and focused on industry. They’re based on real needs and requests from industry, because industry are so interested in our graduates. The people who are actually working in the industry, the really cool thing is, they now have access to a fully online degree, specifically aimed at a future career progression in data analytics, and of course IT. The opportunities are abounding at the moment.