Hello everyone . Welcome back to our new video In this video we will tell you some facts and clear your queries We faced a lot of fake criticism in our previous video A lot of people commented on our videos using fake Id’s and some people were trying to bring the video down by increasing the dislikes That can happen on this video also You can see the dislikes changing continuously which is not normal on our videos Few companies and people are not happy with things we told you about tver in that video Students studying in the tver cannot tell the reality because they are afraid that the company may rusticate from the university In our last video , fake comments were inserted by the people working for that company who lie about you can the the same comments by different names . People just copy paste the comment from different Id’s to criticize the video . They are constantly editing the comment and changing the wording if someone reply to them so that the reply may seen irrelavent to the question People are using dirty tactics to defame us We don’t know that they have the correct information about us or not or someone is asking them to say wrong about us Everyone in Tver knows that we too self rustication for transfer of university Still people are saying that we are rusticated , we used to misbehave with teachers They are saying anything to criticize us To all those people who are saying we are rusticated ,we took self chaslenia self chaslenia means self rustication We took self rustication for transfer This is the letter head of self chaslenia from Tver University This is in Russian originally If we translate this , it is clearly written that we were not rusticated but we took self rustication for transfer It is also written in which university we are going Altai state medical university(AGMU) Everything is clearly mentioned on this letter head People are still saying that you can go to the university to see that we are rusticated . These people didn’t know about everything . this is the proof for them whoever commented on our previous video and most probably are seeing this video other than this some of our friends in tver are also pressurized to comment we received a very long comment from our friend in tver that this were my groupmates and they were not studying well and they were missing classes and some students are saying that you used to go to clubs and not attend classes so these type of many fake criticism we have faced so these video is mainly for the reply of all those comments because these facts should be cleared for you people because you are future medical students and you should know which university is good for you and which is bad and what kind of tactics are used or techniques used by indian consultancies doing business how they misguide you people other than this many people are trying to defame us as we also do admissions hmm.. you are also doing business initially we started making videos as a hobby so many students who wanted to come to Russia started commenting that which is the best consultancy we cannot refer to any one consultancy because we know that everyone tell some or the other type of lies there are many consultancies in India like more than thousand consultancies but many are doing work on the basis of lies fake promises are done to you like your room will have a tv and you will get breakfast and lunch like random things accordingly how the student will be convinced to get admission in our university and these fake promises are not told same to different people because we ourselves have experienced this I was told something different than what vivek was told both were totally different and many such things are told so we cannot rely on any particular consultancy if we tell you about any particular consultancy and they tell you something different or something wrong happens to you or you are not provided with proper service so we will be responsible for that so we contacted many universities and we made our tie-ups with the universities and their contractors so that we can provide you with the admission and good service hm.. so this is an answer for those who say that we do business by doing admissions so yes we do admission and provide good service for which we charge money because these charges cost money admission process and documentation and your airport pickup you guys know that everything costs expense so even we have to forward it our main motive behind putting up all the fee structures on our website is that any student who wants to come to Russia or ukraine can pay minimal charges possible and we can male those charges available for them and student can get admission in Russia or Ukraine by those minimum charges the main issue these days is that when you search in the internet who any particular university fee structure you will get 10-15 websites and every website will have different fee structure some will have less and some will have more and some websites will have extremely low fees some website mention only tuition fees and at the end of the page they mention hostel fees and medical insurance extra and other than these some tell you about extremely low illogical amount of fees so that you get attracted and you will go to them. since you don’t know Russian language they will show you some papers and tell that this year fees has increased or tell you some random reasons that admission is full in this university and then they will divert you in some other university some people ask about the expense in 6 years they tell you 1st year tuition fees,hoste fee and insurance correctly and 2nd to 6th year only tuition fees and make total package of 17-18lakhs and you think that I can complete my mbbs in this package and hence you go to them to take admission and you come to know about the reality in the 2nd year so these are some fake tactics used and this reply is for those who say that we are doing business by doing admissions if you want to say that we are doing business then yes we are doing business but our main motive is that we provide you with the minimal charges available and we don’t make any fake promises and tell you the reality of the universities and hostels etc. and we had to come to this field because many people look forward us so that we can guide them because we are in Russia right now and we can guide students other than that if these consultancies had done their job properly neither students would have felt our requirement nor we could be in this we are not affected by those who are doing these fake comments and dislikes if you had done your job properly, if you provided students with genuine information then students like us who are studying here had no need to do this actually the main problem is that, consultancies and agents do not have proper mind sets because otherwise you would have improved yourself rather than defaming us Grow up people, show your self growth and improve and grow your company give good and proper guidance to people so people will trust you it is not necessary to spread fake information first of all this is cleared that we were not rusticated or not studying or whatever fake things were spread about us this all things are cleared to you now one more thing, in the upcoming videos we will also clear that how the system works in Russia and Ukraine, about the education system we will clear it in the upcoming videos about the management system ,administration system what is the chain of the information passed from universities to the students upto you so do not forget to subscribe as we will clear these things in the upcoming videos we want the admission process to be transparent to you guys and nobody could misguide you because in this field there are many universities in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia ,Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan all countries have mbbs available in 18-20-25 lakhs so there is more competition and this is a big business for many people and it doesn’t matter to them that what kind of facilities you are getting or the education quality provided to you they just want students to come so they can put them into any university where they are more profited if you notice any consultancy focus only on 2-3 universities we do not focus to any 1 university or we don’t tell anyone to come in this particular university we just provide you with information that this is the facility provided in this university and what is not provided in any particular university and in the end it is students choice to choose in which university they want to go like if you ask me which is the best university, we don’t tell you any single best university because there is no single university best. for every student different university is best that is why we provide you with the list of best universities which have actually best reviews given by students where there are no problems because we make videos we have some reach with the students who are studying in the universities we contact with the students of every university to know what problems they face or if they ask us for transfer you wont believe students from 5-6 Russian universities daily message us to transfer their universities we will put up their screenshot hiding the name and pic about the messages and comments we receive daily in the social media platform students from the universities of Russia , Ukraine , Kazakhstan , Kyrgyzstan daily message us that they took admission in any particular university listening to the consultant and now I am facing these problems so I want to transfer other than this, some videos are surfacing on internet that some universities are being praised where some doctors are telling that they passed out in 2000s from particular university and it is good university and are now working somwhere it is really good that you are passed out student and you are successful and a good doctor and they are saying that it is a good university definitely it can be a good university but during your time that is 20years ago it is 2019 going on aand you are 2000 passed out student so you don’t know what changed in 19years a student who is Ankit’s brother studied in Russian medium and now doing PhD from Germany it is not fake , they are telling truth but according to their mbbs time 20years ago nobody had option of studying mbbs in english 20years ago all the universities of Russia ,Ukraine ,Kyrgyzstan , Kazakhstan used to teach in Russian language students used to come to teach Russian language for 1 year and then study mbbs in todays time , there are many English medium universities who teach the whole course in english because universities now see that students are interested in studying from Russia and Ukraine so universities also want students to get attracted so universities try to improve themselves if the demand for English medium is there they try to bring up not all universities have permission to teach in English nor they teach in english very few universities teach in English in russia and yes one more comment we had received in the last video that you check in the website of the embassy that none of the universities teach in english and that comment was also through the consultant they are trying to discredit our sayings in the video through this fake comments so guys we will put up a link in the description of indian embassy, Moscow website it is clearly written that there are some universities that teach in English for full 6 years and there are also most of the universities who teach in bilingual system and if you want to know the list of full English medium universities you can text us on WhatsApp we will provide you with the full details and if you are astudent make a proper research and after that take admission do not trust any consultant because there are many people who tell you fake things for them it is just a business they do not care what facilities are provided to you or what is going on with you they do not care if you are able to study, how is the environment etc. they just get you there , record your interview on the airport about the services they provided you were they easily done or not they work till there and will say you goodbye on the airport and will not ask you till 6 years that how are you doing there at the most they will meet you in 2 months to record your interview whether how are you feeling there in 2 months you never come to know the truth of the university the reality you get to know is exactly in 2nd r 3rd year and many have problems that how and why are we telling you soo much truth because nobody did this work before YouTube is such a platform where ideas and information can spread easily and nicely so they think that we are doing something against them their business is harmed this way other than this students ask us which is the best option among Russia , Ukraine , Kyrgyzstan , Kazakhstan so we will bring information about this soon in the fuure for all kind of this real and genuine information subscribe our channel like our videos and share it as much as ossible also the previous video where we shared so much important information and this video also again if you have not seen the last video then please see it and one more thing, do go through the comments you will come to know the reality of the people in the comment section you will come to know how people are editing and deleting their comments some guy in tver had written 25 comments and tried to defame us but then when everyone started knowing about reality he deleted all the comments even this video is long as the last one so please bear with us if you have reached till here hats off to you! we will try to keep next videos short that we can give maximum information in short time or make a series in which we will reveal the truth and for those who are asking when vlogs will come so stay tuned soon we will put some vlogs since the weather here is good we will start making vlogs enough for this video. see you guys in the next one LIKE! 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