I really liked Lüneburg a lot: the city, the people,
and the University, just everything. Learning German over here is much easier
than back at home. There are lots of different ways to study German
at the University here. You can start with an intensive German course and then you can go on and study not only German
but also other languages during the semester. If you must speak German 24 hours a day, you will
automatically improve your German language skills. The best thing is that the teaching staff are very friendly. Whenever you need something, you can always ask them
for help and they will give you advice. This University isn’t very big, and the people here know each other.
It’s also very modern. I think it’s a pretty good idea
that you can create your own study plan. I can recommend everyone to come here. Although it’s a small city, you mustn’t think that there’s
nothing going on here or that you can’t enjoy youself over here. You can do anything you want. There are students everywhere,
and you can see lots of young people here. Lüneburg is a really great city. You can do whatever you want with friends and fellow students,
and there are great ways to spend your free time. I can say that my time spent in Lüneburg
has been the best time of my studies. It’s a small city and I really like it because it isn’t
very stressful and you don’t have to worry about things. You can easily get around on foot
or ride your bike wherever you want to go. I also liked the city centre here.
It’s very nice and pleasant. And because it’s a student town, there are always lots of things
you can do here, a wide range of cultural events. There’s also a festival, the Lunatic festival.
I have been there, too. Using the semester ticket you can travel to Hamburg for free. The time I spent in Lüneburg was very nice.
I will never forget it. It’s not only the city, but also the people I got to know here.
I think I will stay friends with them for my whole life. I would recommend everyone having the chance to go
to Lüneburg to come here, no matter what happens.