The summer after my sophomore year I studied abroad in Costa Rica with the Truman Lit Costa Rica Study Abroad summer program and that was just amazing. That program changed my life, actually. I’d always been interested in the Hispanic culture, but it was one thing to actually learn it in class and then another to go and become completely immersed into that culture. With that experience, I gained much proficiency in the Spanish language. I gained a family because I stayed with a host family there which was Costa Rican. They didn’t speak any English. Also when I was there, I volunteered in a group home. With the girls at the group home, I keep in contact with them often. So I gained a friendship, even with those girls who were 8th grade, freshman year of high school, I still gained a friendship with them. I gained so much, I feel like the Costa Rican culture is now part of my culture because of that trip. If you can do it, I say go for it. Subtitles by the community