Hi. Today, I’d like to talk about studying
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I make new videos. Ok, so let’s talk about how to have a successful experience
studying English abroad. The first point I want to make today is to plan to make
a lot of friends, but expect to find cultural differences.
This is often a surprise when people go into a new culture. They want to make
friends in the same way that they made friends when they were in their home
culture. However, cultures are different. Some cultures are very group oriented.
Other cultures are very individualistic. I remember talking about communication
styles with my wife. My wife and I are from different cultures and she said, “You
folks in America seem to be very shallow in your communication.” And I’ve
heard an expression where it’s been said that our relationships are an inch deep.
That may be true. That may be true for individualistic cultures in general, but
communication styles can be different. Making friends can happen in so many
different ways. Maybe you will have a host family. A host family is a great way
to experience your time abroad. However, don’t expect something that is not going
to happen because every family is different. Some families spend meals
together and talk a lot during the meal, while other families just provide enough
food or a place to sleep and don’t really interact. So, plan to make friends,
but understand you probably will experience some cultural differences. The
second recommendation that I want to give for a successful study abroad
experience is to try new ways of learning. Maybe, in your culture, you
focused on learning English by doing a lot of reading and writing. Maybe, in your
English classroom, the teacher talked most of the time. Maybe you didn’t
practice communication in the same way that you will on the study abroad
experience that you have. That’s okay, just be willing to try to learn a
different way. Maybe your culture there is a lot of talking about processes and
how to do things instead of reading and writing. I’ve noticed in the students
that I work with that some students are very strong at reading and studying
alone. Other students are not very good at that, but learn very well from
listening and speaking with other people. And so they may be great speakers, but
weak in reading and writing. It depends on the culture where you come from.
When you study abroad, particularly if you study in an American University
system, you should pay attention to the cultural rules because American cultural
systems really focus on integrity of academic work. And so, some cultures focus
less on this because it is respectful to copy what someone else has done. However,
please be very careful in an American education system to learn how to
paraphrase and summarize well and give credit to sources that you use for
research. This will be a key to your success of studying abroad. And the third
recommendation I’d like to offer today is to set reasonable expectations and
goals. Expectations and goals are very important. I hope that you will always
enter a study abroad experience with great expectations and clear goals for
your progress. Set those goals, but make them reasonable. Talk to others who have
gone before you and find out how much they accomplished and what the
expectations were when they came and then after they have finished their
experience. Some of this conversation beforehand will help you to set good
expectations and goals. However, if you go without setting clear goals, you may
fumble around and miss so many good opportunities of things that you might
learn. So be sure to set clear expectations and goals for yourself so
that you can have a very successful study abroad experience. So, what do you
think? Are those three suggestions helpful? Do you have a question about
adjusting to a experience studying abroad? Leave a comment below. I’d be
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