>>When I was choosing which college I wanted to go to I was really set on finding a school that allowed me to study abroad with my program of Health Science Studies. I decided that I wanted to come to Spain because I’m a Spanish minor and ever since I came here in high school, I was facinated by the culture. I’m anticipating working with a lot of different types of people from different cultures, ethnic backgrounds who speak all different languages.>>Study abroad is a great opportunity to really become immersed in a population. When our students come back, the hope is that they will be better prepared to work with a variety of people.>>My friend studied in Seville, Spain last year, and she was able to get me in contact with a local family who needed english
tutoring for their daughter. That’s exposed me to speak Spanish more and I think that this experience will be really valuable for me in the future.>>Learning a language is wonderful, but actually learning the culture that goes with the language is certainly a huge benefit.>>The most valuable thing that I was able to take away from my study abroad experience was perspective on the Spanish culture. I’ve been able to develop my critical thinking skills and
my adaptation skills and my independence. And that will help me through the rest of my journey at Quinnipiac and through the rest of my life as a health care provider.