In case of Japan I really like going to karaoke
because they don’t have that in Holland. And for the Netherlands? The atmosphere is very nice.
At home I can study Dutch… but I can not feel the atmosphere
of the Netherlands in Nagasaki… so feeling the atmosphere in the Netherlands
is very good for me. And how about your language? I can understand
and can buy something in daily life in Dutch… but if I am having trouble,
I always speak English. And how is that for you in Japanese? I can usually make do, because they try to help me
immediately, because I look like a foreigner. They look at me and they know I’m a foreigner. I can’t read a lot of the product information,
but people help a lot. In my case it’s mostly the food because
normally eat bread, two out of three meals a day. They don’t have proper bread here. It’s just not a thing,
it’s all like snacks or something. I have to find other means of nutrition
and it’s really difficult to do that everyday. Actually the food is among the things
I always miss. I always say I miss ramen
or some Japanese sushi or something. And now that you’ve returned to Japan
is there anything you miss about the Netherlands? Of course, I miss the atmosphere. Also I like “drop” (liquorice). My friends will give me drop,
if they come to Nagasaki to visit. It was quite difficult for me because
I had to think about the time difference. When I had to make contact with Leiden
it was quite difficult. And for you? It was a little difficult because I’m not used
to doing everything with physical paperwork. and because there were a lot of medical checks
which we have to go through… scheduled at the very last minute. The hospital was not very happy with us,
but other then that it was okay. You can buy new clothes here in Nagasaki,
but you can’t buy your own proper food. So if there’s something you really, like…
Bring it. See you in Japan (in Dutch). See you in Japan (in Japanese).