Attention Studying abroad is one of the
greatest achievements in my life Whenever I go back home,
people see me as a superstar Hi! Long time no see! Whatever! It is true that studying abroad in the international environment is fun! You meet people around the world you learn their cultures,
their do and don’ts their languages And of course you will learn their
foul language! Hi! I’m Hans. Nice to meet you Hi! Bruce So, you’re from Hongkong? Yes yes! Hongkong, Hongkong Cool! So tell me about the
good foods right there! I don’t know, I don’t know Great place to see maybe? Don’t know, don’t know So, you know nothing about Hongkong? Wah! You ****** Of course I know I’m from Hongkong! You ******!! Making friends is also a big thing Sometimes…No…Often times People really judge you by whom
you are hanging out Well for me it doesn’t really matter with whom
you are hanging out but there’s just one problem Oh! He’s from our country isn’t he? Okay you gotta say hi Hans, say hi, say hi,
okay good you are waving your hand, okay
he’s looking and then you WHAT?!! HE’S JUST WHAT?!! Geez I mean Please! If you meet someone and then you know that he or she
is from your country say hi! Like Something like that! Whenever I see someone that I haven’t seen
for a long time I hug It’s completely normal for me But then I know that there are
some countries who don’t have this kind of
hugging thingy I don’t know their culture or whatever but it’s just It’s just funny to see someone who is
learning how to hug! Hi~ How are you doing? It’s been a long What are you doing? Weird guy! It is normal when your professor
can’t spell your name correctly so if you feel like your name is bizarre don’t complain instead be grateful that your name
is unique! Good morning everyone My name is Patrick, but,
You can call me Mr. Star And I’m pleased to meet you all and I hope
we can have a great semester But first let me take attendance before
we start the class Mr. Wang Fang Pad Prik King Moo Sum thing Wong Hoo lee Albert Pintai Ka Gusso Kyono Another great thing that you could do
when you study abroad is Bragging! Because when you study abroad it automatically gives you a chance to brag
what you see, or what you do in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
and what else? I don’t know And again you always expect something
extra ordinary from your friends Ah, let’s upload all the photos
from yesterday Done! Already 10 likes? 1 comment!
How I wish I could be there 30 likes. I’m so jealous of you! When you are in the middle of
a conversation with someone from another country And suddenly some uninvited people
start to speak with an alien language with your friend
whom you were speaking to You know you are completely ******* Man! I can’t believe that he
could make that 3 point! I was really excité man! Yeah that’s why I love that team So cool, so cool I’ve met so many people who speak
more than 5 languages honestly I admire them and
I wish I could be like them But there are some people who I really wish
I could My name is Keith and I speak more than 6 languages English, Chinese French Arab, Russian and many more So I am sorry if I speak like this I cannot help it What? You only speak English? How is that possible my friend? Bye! WHATEVER And when you do master a language Which probably you will master the
bad words first Don’t just use it to everyone because you might get into this situation and you know you will get ****** Are you okay?
Are you okay? It’s okay, It’s okay Yeah, I’m sorry I’m sorry ****** Hey! What did you say? There are some people who are trying
to fit into the society In the virtual world! I want you to look at your phone right now and count! How many calling or chatting applications do you have in your phone? If you only have one or two, then Hey! Do you have whatsapp or something? Of course I have I have Facebook, Facebook Messenger kakao talk, wechat snapchat, whatsapp skype, vibre, tango mail! For mail I No, I don’t need it I also have hot or not account,
please check it out! Like seriously don’t you think it should be enough to
have one application in your phone? Just like me, Look! Another thing about social media is
your friend list You always try to show off to your friends that you have friends from around the world Only in computer Hey look look look look I have 40 foreigner friends in
my Facebook right now Oh, lucky you Yes of course lucky! So, out of these 40 people,
who do you know in real life? I…I did say Hi to them this morning Did they say hi back? ****** And one last thing that I would like
to share with you all based on my experience leaving hometown was really hard But then when you live in a certain place
for several years Later on it will be harder
to leave that place So one advice from me ENJOY! Make every second count! One more advice share this video to everyone everywhere in Facebook, Twitter, on the street?
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