I studied fine art and painting before I came
here. It’s one thing to make art, but to know how
the art world works from the other side is really nice. My name is Erin Chang. I’m 23, and I’m Canadian. Actually Canadian and American. Right now I’m working at a company called,
“Cigar Box.” And they basically advise cultural organizations
on how to get the most impact on their projects. And that’s really where the economics of this
study – it’s coming in handy. I really like that the study requires you
to do an internship. Because you can really take the theory, and
put it into practice. Which is really nice. You get so many different perspectives on
art. So it’s not just art history, and it’s not
just economics. But it’s economics and art history, and sociology
and media. And you get all these different angles, at
which you can look at art and culture with. Which I think is really unique. As an example, you can take a piece of modern
art – you can take a look at it from the economic side and say, “This is what it looks like
in the art market.” But you can also take a look at the historical
side, and say, “Well it’s valuable, because it was owned by this person. It was painted by this person.” Or from a sociological side, you can say,
“Us as a society, we value these things.” It’s a form of capital. So you can really take a piece of art, and
see why it’s valuable from all these different sides. After class, I like to go to the pavilion
and get a drink with some friends. Do a little studying. I just really love the center of town, Blaak. There’s a ton of really amazing
and beautiful architecture there. If it’s closer to the evening – I like to go to the Witte de Withstraat, which is a really nice street with lots of restaurants – and grab
some nice food and listen to some music there. I would really like to own my own art gallery.
That would be the dream.