I am Thanyatorn Likitprukpaisarn from
Thailand but you can call me Pat. I’m 23 years old and I came here because I want to improve
my English after I graduated from University. Stafford House is the school that is ready
to improve your English. The lessons and the staff and everyone in this school is pushing
you to improve yourself in every way and this kind of experience not only makes you improve
your English but also you improve yourself, you meet a lot of people and you become open-minded.
It’s a must for me to come here. The teacher was fantastic, everyone was fantastic!
They try to understand and adapt the lessons to fit to every student and my confidence
in speaking and using English is much improved. I really like the atmosphere of this school. Canterbury is a nice and cute town, it’s a lovely place to stay and study because you don’t get many distractions, you can focus on your studying but also it’s warm and welcoming. It’s a good place to visit here. I don’t want to leave here, it’s a really
good experience and I got to know people, amazing people from all over the world, so
it’s a lifetime experience! My time wouldn’t be this good without all
the staff at Stafford House helping me and all the people here, all my friends here.
It’s impossible to have this experience if I stayed in Thailand, so, Incredible!