Here at the School of Psychology we have an
international reputation for our research excellence. Our research facilities are outstanding,
so this means that you’ll be taught by individuals who are working at the forefront of contemporary
psychological research. Every lecture they deliver. They really want
you to learn. They are specialists in their field, so they know exactly what they are
talking about and they’re really sharing their enthusiasm with you and trying to encourage
you to look more, beyond their lectures slides, beyond the reading that they give you because
they want you to learn more about what interests them and how they really think that could
initiate a spark in you in the module that they are teaching. We’ll have workshops where you can go and
you can actually see some hands-on research that’s been taking place and you can get
involved with some of that outside of your teaching hours as well. You can actually volunteer
and that’s been a really good experience to see some of the neuroimaging that takes
place at the university. The teaching you’ll receive will be delivered
with enthusiasm and will be an inspiring learning experience.
The lecturers are so enthusiastic. They’re always looking for new things for us to do.
Some of them like to use clicker boxes, so there are multiple choice questions and they
get the whole lecture theatre involved. Some of them like to walk through the lectures
and make it really interactive. Lots of them like to show lots of video clips. It’s great
to have such a multimedia use in every lecture. And certainly our workshops are great because
they use roleplay to demonstrate what they are doing and I think that’s probably the
most effective learning I’ve had. Because we’re a large School of Psychology
we have expertise in the majority of areas of contemporary psychological research. This
means that you’ll find research activities and modules that match your specific interests,
whether that be in Neuroscience or Clinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology or Forensic
Psychology. There are a variety of different modules that
we cover in the Psychology degree. So that varies from mental health to forensic psychology,
psychobiology, where you look at the brain and how that influences cognition and the
way that we think and feel. And then third year you really get to specialise and hone
in on your interests. So I liked that you had that sort of basis
from the very beginning and then you could specialise later on in your degree.
Our graduate employability statistics are outstanding. As a graduate from Psychology
at Birmingham your prospects are excellent. We have alumni who work across all fields
within psychology and our graduates use their degrees towards a variety of different career
paths. Birmingham stood out to me during the Open
Days. I just very quickly realised that this was the campus that I wanted to be studying
at and it’s great because it’s in such close proximity to the city centre and being
such a big city there’s so much to do. So, yeah, I just knew this was going to be my
home for the next few years. We look forward to welcoming you to the University
of Birmingham to study in one of the largest and most active schools of psychology in the