Business at Bangor University starts off rather
broad in the first year. It allows you to sample a variety of different core subjects,
such as Marketing, Financial Accounting, Economics, whereas in your second and third year you’re
able to take what you’ve gained and start applying it into areas that you most enjoy,
allowing you to then take it forward into your future life past uni. What I love most
about my subject area is how diverse it is. Each student is provided with the opportunity
to travel abroad and apply what we’ve learnt in the lecture rooms. This is an exciting
insight into how our lives could be if we worked in these fields after uni and gain
invaluable knowledge that you couldn’t gain in the UK. Many of the Business programmes
here at Bangor are recognised by professional bodies, such as CIM, CMI and the ACCA. This
may make students eligible for professional accreditation or exempt from parts of professional
qualifications. What l love most about my lecturers is how accessible they are both
in and out of office hours. They are available to help with any queries or questions we may have. The other week I was able to arrange a meeting with one of my tutors about how
I could achieve a higher grade in one of my upcoming assignments. This greatly helped
as I was in fact able to achieve a higher grade than I originally expected. Each student
is provided with a personal tutor. They are there to help you with any personal or academic
questions that may arise throughout the year. Also study buddy sessions are available, which
are provided by students who have also taken your degree, who are there to help you with
any queries you may have. Throughout the year Bangor holds a number of employability fairs where students can go to network and gain contacts with a number of local and national
businesses. This can help students gain invaluable contacts for their life after uni, when they’re
trying to build a career. When I graduate from Bangor University, I’d like to do a Masters in either Consumer Behaviour or International Marketing. I would then use all the skills
that I’ve learned whilst at university and apply them to an international company. I
believe Bangor have given me the best opportunity to do this by helping me discover a passion
for marketing, as well as providing me with all the necessary information and skills I
need to be successful in such a career. My advice to anyone considering studying here at Bangor would be to get involved with as much as possible. Join many clubs and societies
and really put yourself in a position to gain new friends and make new experiences and memories.