My name is Declan Brooks-Crew and I’m
studying Criminology and Justice at ECU it’s a very theoretical field we
basically take everything that we find useful from social science, psychology,
all those other fields, forensics we take it and we apply to crime what I found
most interesting is definitely surrounding policing and the law
enforcement aspect how we do it, what the issues involved and kind of from the
Police perspective how can we improve things or what are the risks and issues
these days there is a practicum placement that students can do either
with other agencies like Child Protection or Department of Justice but
the Police is also a very popular one I managed to do the prac placement with
them and that was probably the best part of my course by far just being able to
be exposed to the agency and how big it was, how many different roles there are
available, as far as like career paths or career planning and just what policing
actually involves all the lecturers have been incredibly helpful and just clearly
passionate about their fields and that really comes across and really helps another interesting part of my ECU experience was that I was able to
undertake a study exchange for a semester in Japan I was lucky enough to
be able to get a scholarship in order to undertake my study exchange and the fact
that ECU provides that sort of thing that is very helpful for students that
otherwise couldn’t get phenomenal experiences like those Studying criminology and justice at ECU can prepare you for wide range of occupations
for instance West Australian police are the state policing agencies in Australia
the Department of Justice, Corrections even intelligence agencies a lot of these
places look favorably on criminology skills that ECU can provide you