So I’m in my third year studying at Otago and I’m completing a Bachelor of Arts and majoring in Information Science and minoring in Japanese language Coming out of High School, my big interests were in learning Asian
languages and Technology. And I decided that Technology was the best path to go down in terms of getting a career and having a job in the future. What I really like about studying at Otago is that I have learnt a lot about the business applications in the real world how I can use them and how it can benefit others So, it’s really interesting for me to see how that how Information Science changes people’s lives in the way that businesses work. So not only coding but I have learnt a lot about the software development process Everything from requirements analysis to estimation and modeling and that’s happened in a lot of different ways We’ve had mentoring sessions with lecturers, we’ve met real clients in the real world We’ve had to organise our own team meetings and be very self driven in the way that we work which I think is really beneficial. I’ve begun to really appreciate the wee charms of Dunedin It’s quite nice that everything is sort of in the centre and that everyone sort of knows each other. Aside from the Uni Pol gym and all of the great food places that we’ve got there is sort of the link as well as the library, which are places for students to sort of gather around and work on group projects or just chill out between classes The degrees at Otago are really well laid out and there is a good balance between studying and having leisure time. and because of that I have been able to have a part-time job which has given me the good opportunity to have a lot of references for my CV. I think studying Information Science has given me a great foundation for going out into the real world I think I can go wherever I want to go with my degree from Otago.