A languages degree at Sheffield is special
for two clear reasons: the first is the breadth of the languages and the second is the flexibility
of the programme. The breadth of the languages – we have no
less than 11 languages you can make part of your degree. You can do 1, 2 or 3 languages. They are the usual suspects: there’s German,
French, Spanish, Russian. But there’s also less widely taught languages
like Dutch and Luxembourgish, Czech and Polish, Catalan, Portuguese and Italian. I chose to study at the University of Sheffield
because there was a really wide range of languages available and they’re really flexible with
your degree. So I applied to do German with Dutch and then
ended up changing my degree to BA Modern Languages. Studying languages at Sheffield is not just
about languages. Language is very important and we want you
to speak your language to the highest possible level. But we do see language as part of a cultural
context. So languages are always an expression of history,
culture, literature. You will have to study and engage with that
wider context and not just language when you come to Sheffield. Studying languages really opens doors, and
means we have some of the most adaptable, innovative graduates in the UK. Having a French and business degree from Sheffield
really opens up so many different avenues to me that other graduates simple can’t access. It gives me so many options for the future. When I graduate I’ll graduate with international
work experience which I think is something completely different to most graduates and
that I’ll definitely benefit from. With being able to work abroad I’ve managed
to see the world in a completely new light that I wouldn’t have had, had I not done a
language degree.