Law at Bangor University starts out really
really broad so in your first year you have an introduction to law through
modules such as legal skills and then in your second and third year you also have
compulsory modules for optional modules you can choose to take and in your final
year you can do a dissertation if you wish to do so. I love studying law because it’s a really diverse subject area. This means
it’s really interesting because one day you might be studying criminal law and
another day you might be studying international environment law or media
law. I enjoy this because it means every day is a new challenge. The thing I like
most about my lecturers is how approachable they are I always feel that
I can go to them for any support and guidance that I might need and they’re
always willing to go above and beyond to make sure my university is the best that
it can be and I can’t thank them enough for the opportunities that they’ve given
me. Some of them have also been practicing solicitors so they’re able to
bring their knowledge into the course to give us practical examples.The
equipment and facilities at Bangor University are fantastic. Specifically to
the law school we have a state-of-the-art moot courtroom that was
opened by the former Lord Chief Justice and this is a fantastic place for us to
be able to practice our advocacy skills and take part in mooting competitions The university does lots of things to
assist us with our employability to make sure we’re as employable as we can be by
the end of our degree, for example they have the Bangor Employability Award,
this is an award that you collect points for during your degree for example by
attending workshops on your CV or on interview skills and by completing
online tests to prepare you for the work environment. As part of my studies there
are plenty of opportunities for international experience, for example I
was given the opportunity to travel to Malaysia for two weeks to stay at the
law faculty at the University of Malaya where I worked alongside students from
Indonesia, China and Malaysia. This was a fantastic learning experience Alongside my studies I take part
in the Street Law Society, this is a society that aims to go out
into the community to educate people on their legal rights. I also take part in
the legal advocacy society and this involves mooting and they host internal
competitions within the university and external competitions nationally and
internationally. My plan after graduation is to study the BPTC in order to become
a barrister. University has really helped me to feel confident for that course. The
degree is also a qualifying law degree which enables me to progress on to that
next step. The advice that I would give to someone thinking about studying at
Bangor University is it is a fantastic place to complete your studies not only
is it set in beautiful surroundings but it’s a university that provides you with
plenty of opportunities and it’s really a place where you can have the time of
your life.