I know it sounds cheesy but I kind of
fell in love with the campus. The city is so beautiful and the
campus felt like home from day one. The sun was shining down,
there was a lot of exciting energy There was a lot to do, a lot to see and everybody was
just so friendly and welcoming. It’s just so picturesque! Going into the first week of lectures
I remember being in a room full of 250 people and we’re all in
the same boat together daunting but exciting. It definitely gets a lot harder but it does make you think
about things differently and it is all problem-solving really. When you solve something and then suddenly you get a
huge rush of endorphins. We had tutorials for each module which was really helpful
to get one to one support. I’ve completely changed my path
and it’s really cool that Bath give you the opportunity
to experience all those paths if you just go for them. I’m doing dynamics and chaos. I picked accounting and finance. I picked the physics options
that were available to us. Doing the algebra course here it really opened up new worlds of maths to me. The thing that stood out for me at Bath was the opportunity for the placement year
which made a big difference to my career. Where I work we send the pulse off down
the laser and it comes in through the laser area,
so this is all under vacuum. Coming here to Expedia I was looking to learn more about travel, technology
and data analytics and I can say confidently
I’d like to work in this industry. I don’t think I expected to be here
and be working in the city being here in 3rd year is just very exciting. I am one of those people
where university has change my life I want to apply machine learning to
potentially help the world. To be able to meet new friends
and do everything from scratch felt so satisfying and I’ve got friends and experiences
that will live with me for life. I was very much a home bird,
didn’t know how I’d survive away from it I was quite quiet and
then I got here, I’ve met so many good people
and I’ve come out of my shell a lot After I finish my maths degree I’m
hoping to do a master’s in entrepreneurship and see if I can start a business. If that doesn’t work, I’ve got a master’s degree
in maths, what could possibly go wrong! Opportunities obviously a
massive thing in life We’ve got to sieze opportunities
and Bath felt like the right place and turned out to be a pretty good choice.