There’s never been a more exciting time to study Pharmacy, and particularly at Curtin. Curtin offers the only undergraduate Pharmacy degree in WA. We do have a lot of tutors, lecturers that kind of thing that are very well informed and are still active in the pharmacy profession and quite informed with current information. Lecturers and professors are always looking for the best way to deliver the course and the best way for us to learn and retain the knowledge. They are very supportive, they are happy to pass the knowledge and experience to you. Underpinning it all is, ultimately, to improve the health care of people and that’s what pharmacists do. You just get this really broad understanding of health in general which has applicability not only in your in your workplace but also in life, you know? I feel like you become very useful. This is our compounding labs. So in here we make all the various different creams and ointments and capsules and solutions and suspensions that aren’t made in the pharmacy industry. One of the very few which have a fully equipped aseptic compounding unit. Everything you learn, then the next day or the next semester you can apply it and it really helps. By doing you learn. They also have great opportunities for placements Gives them exposure to the multiplicity of the pharmacist’s role. So that can be in community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, industry manufacturing, regulatory pharmacy, aged care, drug and alcohol services and the list goes on. It allows students to explore and experience how pharmacists work differently in the various settings. So I really enjoyed my placement in community pharmacy. It was such a great opportunity for me to meet with patients and practice my counselling skills one-on-one. Placement’s been really valuable and we actually get to go out and use our knowledge and show what we know and what we can do, so this year I got to go to Fiona Stanley Hospital. For developing your verbal skills, in terms of to be able to speak with patients and that really sort of helps you develop your confidence in talking to patients, in talking to doctors and it makes you feel comfortable that you know what you’re talking about. Our students graduate work ready and able to register as intern pharmacists in Australia. So the fact that Honours was built into the course is really appealing because it allows me to further my study. It’s a really great opportunity to be competitive with other pharmacy schools across Australia. If anyone’s considering studying Pharmacy, I would really recommend Curtin University. You are going to meet so many people who are so passionate. I had a great time at the School of Pharmacy. I found the course very, very interesting. All the staff there, they were so great to me and had really good relationships there which continue on. Absolutely do it.