I was looking for an education
that would transform my mind. The University of London name
really holds a lot of weight. I was really attracted towards
the global exposure it gave me. University of London International
Programmes were founded on the premise of offering a worldwide access
to high quality undergraduate education. Having gone from strength
to strength over 150 years, we now have over 50,000 students
globally studying for one of our degrees. The opportunity to study and
eventually obtain a world class degree is something that really attracted
me, and I get to do it in Singapore, which helped me in terms
of costs as well, so I kind of get
the best of both worlds. Even though I didn’t do well in
my Polytechnic years, I feel that I’ve achieved more than what I
could, because I did my master’s degree in one of the best universities
in the world, which is the London School of Economics, and that
was because I started my journey with the University of London
International Programmes. The University of London has given
me a second chance in working hard to prove myself, to get good results,
and this made my father feel very proud, and I’m very happy. Our study materials at University
of London are set by some of the best professors and academics in the world.
It really challenges you as a student to think and share
your ideas with your peers, and try to use the global platform that
University of London provides you to understand what you’re learning
in a deeper context and be able to relate it to the practical world. We get to interact with international
students from all around the world via forums, and sharing our
thoughts and insights to the specific modules. University of London has really provided me a great opportunity to come to London to pursue my masters in LSE. I get to attend lectures from professors that I’ve been fascinated and reading about since my undergraduate. Currently, I am in the Intermediary
Business Department with Schroders. I’m basically the face
and the voice of my company. The technical knowledge of investments,
and finance, and economics that I’ve gathered in university
really help me in my everyday conversations with clients. The practical and analytical knowledge
that students are able to gain from University of
London is invaluable. I feel that it really helped me in
my career, and really helped to enrich me and grow as a person for
the working world in Singapore. This global connection that I get
from University of London really adds value to what I’m learning,
and gives me a global edge. My undergraduate year with UL
was my best time of my life.