So, it’s still winter but parents ask, “Is summer SAT study good?” Answer is:
summer SAT study is probably the best. Here are the reasons why. Students have something
no longer in the way, it’s called school. Those extra seven hours
a day are now available from what is now a crowded
kid’s schedule during the school year. So, using just two of those hours,
four days a week, give yourself a 3-day weekend each summer, your student is going to be
able to ramp up for the SAT and the ACT if the student wants it in a relatively
short amount of time. During the school year,
we at Ivy Bound typically ask students to put in 3, 4, 5 months of study. In the summer, it’s more like 4 or 5 weeks.
If it’s intensive study your student
will be ready. Here are the dates to keep in mind for 2020. The SAT is offered in
late August. August 22nd. The ACT is in early September
this year. September 12th. A student who is starting in
June, or July, has plenty of time to ramp up for both. A student even studying in early August but doing an intense three weeks
for the SAT and continuing on for a couple
more weeks for the ACT can be done before school gets heavy. So, to recap,
summer is a very good time to study for the SAT and the ACT. Ivy Bound is a good help.
We have classes throughout the summer, and tutoring is available one-on-one, anytime, at your
home [or] at your convenience Please check us out. We have schedules
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