Hi everyone, I’m Glenda with Sure-Fit
Designs – some of you know me as Glenda the good stitch. Well we’re almost ready
and you’re saying ready for what? It’s the beginning of Joy’s pull-on pants Sew
Along. And in my last video, I mentioned the date – it’s going to be starting on
Monday February the 17th. And this morning I just got an email from a
customer that said ‘I don’t know if I’m going to be able to make that date I’ve
got other commitments will I be able to watch it afterward? Well the answer is
yes because this Sew Along is not live it’s going to be on YouTube which means
that you can watch it as many times as you want for as many years as you want.
So it’s all going to be there for you. Now what I’d like to talk about today is
how do you participate. We want to give you some prizes for your effort in
participating in this Sew Along. And we’re very, very fortunate that all of our
Sure-Fit Designs distributors have very generously decided to offer a prize as
well. Now when I talk about prizes, please keep in mind that this is not a contest.
It is not a competition. You are not going to be judged on the quality of
your sewing on how pretty your fabric is or anything like that. It will be a
random drawing. But in order to separate out our USA participants from all of our
international participants, it means that your hashtag needs to be a little bit
different. Now in the USA the hashtag is sfd joy pants. So ‘S’ is in Sam, ‘F’ as in
Frank and ‘D’ as in David. It stands for Sure-Fit Designs. So #sfdjoypants. Now if you’re in the UK you’re going to have one little addition to
that it will be #sfdjoypantsUK. In South Africa it will be #sfdjoypantsSA. In Australia it will be #sfdjoypantsAU. And in Canada it will be #sfdjoypantsCA. So what we want you to do is make your pants put them on and take a
photograph of them and then post your photograph in Instagram along with this
important hashtag because that’s the only way we’re going to find you. Now
some of you belong to the Sure-Fit Designs Facebook group. You are also
welcome to post your photographs there. Make sure that you put on the
appropriate hashtag sfdjoypants and then the extension for your country. In
the USA there is no other extension that you need it’s just #sfdjoypants. Now I
know I’ve said that a number of times. We’ve put fonts up so that you can see
it and down below this video in the Show More comments, you will also see all of
this written out for you. Okay, what else did I want to tell you the
prizes let’s talk about them. As I said, each of the distributors for Sure-Fit
Designs are offering a prize. In the UK Judith Judith Johnson is going to be
offering a gift certificate a gift voucher of 25 pounds. In South Africa and
in Canada, Elsabe in South Africa and Anna in Canada, are going to be gifting
the DVD tutorial called Jeans Behind the Scenes. And it’s very appropriate
obviously because it’s working with your pants pattern. Thank you very much ladies
for that. And in Australia Martha is going to be gifting $40 worth of
haberdashery and for all of you in the United States – that just simply means
notions. So we thank all of our distributors
for their generous participation. Now in the USA I am offering three prizes.
number one is $100 worth of Sure-Fit Designs products including the shipping
to get it to you. Number two, is I will be offering this Make it Sew DVD series of
tutorials. What’s the Make it Sew all about. Well there are four different
discs to in each case and there’s 28 lessons on various techniques and tips
for sewing your garments all together. I know Sure-Fit Designs primarily focuses
in fit and the purpose we did this series is to help you in getting your
garment sewn together professionally in perhaps with a little bit different
technique than you might be used to. Our distributor Martha in Australia, she
emailed me and she also said this to me over the phone, she said Glenda I’ve been
sewing for 40-plus years and when I watched your Make it Sew DVD series I
learned new processes new techniques. So I encourage you even if you know how to
sew that this is a fun gift to get and it’s one that you might be the winner
for. And my third gift is going to be in the SewFitAcademyonline.com. There’s
a series of three blouses which are the beginner blouse series. So it’ll take you
into the other Sure-Fit Designs kit which happens to be the Dress Kit. So I really
do welcome you all to Joy’s pull-on pants Sew Along. I hope you all have a lot
of fun and I look forward to seeing all of your photographs afterward and thank
you so much for participating. And as an end note make sure to LIKE and subscribe
to our YouTube channels. Joy’s is her name joy Bernhardt. Mine is surefitdesigns. The direct links will be in the Show More notes which are directly
beneath this video. If you to submit your finished pants to be
entered in the random door prize drawings. Number one take a photo of you
wearing your pants. Number two post one photo only in Instagram or in our
Facebook surefitdesigns group. Please don’t post it twice. Each entrant is
allowed one photo only. Number three make sure your photo is tagged with the
appropriate hashtag and of course those hashtags are found in the Show More
notes or we’re not going to be able to find your photograph. Number four the end
date for this Sew Along is March the 15th. Prize winners will be announced shortly
thereafter. Number five to receive instant notification of our winners make
sure to subscribe to Joy’s YouTube channel Joy Bernhardt and to SureFitdesigns. I will also post our winners in our Sure-Fit Designs Facebook group. And
remember everyone this is not a competition. It’s for fun to get you
sewing and to end up with a great fitting pair of pants