[MUSIC] Hello and welcome to Microsoft Mechanics live. Coming up on the show were to take a look at Surface Hub as a Microsoft 365 powered device that enables new ways for teamwork with hub to hub white
board coauthoring capabilities available for OneDrive and Windows 10. We’re also going to show you
how easily you can get your most recently used files and also content shared with you by
Office 365 as well as a simplified management experience using things like Microsoft Intune. But today I’m joined by Nydia Cavazos. Hello everyone really nice to be here
thank you, thank you. If you’re not familiar with the Surface Hub
here it’s basically it’s a large screen experience for collaboration. It’s a device that integrates
video and audio conferencing, wireless content sharing, quick access to all your Office 365 documents and of course white boarding. It runs on Windows 10, it uses Windows 10
apps and our web browser Microsoft Edge so Surface Hub is really a great example of a
Microsoft 365 powered device. Yeah that’s exactly right and let me dig deeper
into what Microsoft 365 is. This basically enables us to create
a tailored set of capabilities across Windows 10 Office 365 and Enterprise
Mobility + Security all of this to boost the teamwork and creativity in your company always
with the latest security deck and in a way that is easy for you to manage. You might be wondering now what if I already
have all the services right Windows 10 Office 365 and EMS. If that’s the case that’s absolutely great
you already have all you need to provide the best user and management experience. Right so let’s get started with the user experience because there’s a big focus in terms of Microsoft 365 and how it enables teamwork most people might be used to
how to use a Windows 10 PC we just saw how you logged into one
does the second ago how does not experience then
compare to the Surface Hub The Surface Hub is a communal device, it is
designed for team collaboration it goes beyond the PC experience and the PC then becomes
your companion device in this case were used in this beautiful Surface Studio as our companion device but by the way it can be any Windows device, even a Mac. As you will see here you see wired or wireless
connection we’re going to be able to start collaborating using touch back. Such as so And in doing that I’m I’m able
to control my Surface Studio via the Surface Hub and all the changes that we do here get
saved as we go using touch back here I’m going to leverage one of the latest capabilities
of Office 365 which enables us to insert visualize and manipulate 3D
images which is pretty cool. So even here. I’m going to set this Hubble in the right
position where I wanted to be and please notice how everything was mirrored and saved in my Surface
Studio. Beyond touchback we also have in back and that allows us to maybe add some notes or some design to what we’re doing. So now that I’ve set this image where I wanted I’ve covered up my titles so I’m gonna. I’m going fine here too. set a note for later and move this a little
bit to my left. Remember everything is being saved in my companion
device so when we disconnect I can carry my device and all the changes with me basically
we can turn any of this device this into amazing scene large screen that’s ink and touch enabled. Let me explain how that worked here if you
don’t mind if I geek out Geek out please so we got a couple of options to connect us
service thirty out studio back with the surface hub now the thing that you can do is either
use Miracast or you can use the cable like we’ve done here in this case has got a lot
of competing in our wireless signals of the contend with so in this case what happened
as we connect by USB cable and actually you detected all the peripheral so we can see
the digitizer we can see if there’s a keyboard if there’s any other like a USB mouse for
example all of that that gets transmitted back to the PC that’s connecting second
being normal laptop in a meeting or it can be the service do you like yeah here and the
nice thing is we don’t walk like all the way back to the end of the meeting room or wherever
that device is we can just make changes here and collaborate with other people on the same
device. Yeah he can even be a divisive doesn’t have
touch enabled screen or doesn’t allow even you can have all of that by connecting it
to the surface up pretty good. Right move through some of the experiences
that you can do when you connect that he sees to it but even get far more powerful in terms
of using Office 365 Yeah that’s correct Surface how has the show
variation of Windows then so when the sun diminution we can actually look many market
by Billy is when we sign in to Office 365 be at the start We can simply go here. And very easily go into my meetings and files
I have all resigned in here but as you can see I have very quick access. If you’re wondering we also support multi
factor authentication. Now I’m going to go ahead and peak at one of
my recently use files right here. Right and I’m going to bring. One of the sites I want to start cooperating
not to do that. I’m going to bring this into my whiteboard canvas. One of selected. And I’ll have it right here. This is a room space right the first thing
that I want to do is add so more entrances to the space to improve the flow. For that I’m gonna use the wide port ruler
which allows me to very easily. Draw straight lines. I mean I could have done that without rumor
and fear because well I want my new entrances that’s pretty good. But beyond that I also want to add some space
to the stage here and for that I’m going to use that into chat feature. So this allows me to draw a quite mediocre
shape but the white board is going to instantaneously converted this into the perfect rectangle. On top of that. If I click on it I’m immediately going to
be able to see the angles and then I can continue manipulating his shape until I leave it exactly
where he needs to go. Anon I may make changes. Very cool so that’s interaction here in the
room but what if somebody is maybe outside of this location there on the shop floor there
across the world is there anywhere I can collaborate with others that might have a hub. I have exactly the thing for us. We almost need to work with someone that you
know on in another location a very frequently right and for that we have hub to hub whiteboard collaboration. So continuing with the space which by the
way happens to be the exact same location where we’re standing where you guys are sitting right I want to discuss some of these changes with my event specialist Anna. Think that a lot of things have to going to
the signing of space like this there’s cameras lighting seating right so I really don’t know
these changes are going to apply. Anna’s already being able to collaborate with
me via Skype on this call and I have shared my white board with her so Anna if you’re right
there can you please tell me if this changes are approved or not. Okay no. No. That’s perfect I”m not a designer but. Absolutely is good for you guys to have more
space. The floor around so. That’s great we’re going to go with that and
I was real-time collaboration. Very cood so she liked half of what you wanted
to know about the rest of it so that by goes in terms of a collaboration experiences and
things that you can do between your PC and and the service ha but why don’t we switch
gears a little bit and talk about the IT admin experience because we got a story there in
terms of all the things that you would do in terms of being able to manage it things
like being able to customize these device from the out of box experience and using things
like USB drives forgettable I’m setting up tens or maybe twenty of these the hub devices
that I and a building our site we can do all of that with some automation and deployment
profiles men we can even up level the management if we use I’m the I’m infrastructure to do
that but someone other areas should people be aware of when I think of managing the service
on. The most important thing about surface called
in terms of manageability is that it needs to be managed ask a more like a mobile device that
means we need to use an MDM tool in this case we are using Intune to monitor
Surface Hub. The service also allows you to create group
I means to manage and deploy your devices. You can also deploy apps from the Windows Store it using your I mean accounts and keep in mind that the apps are
going to be best suited to run on this device are going to have this symbol right there. And nothing that requires elevated privilege
just can run on the Hub all this is for security purposes right so most of the malware vectors
are going to be prevented from even installing on the hub. Right he mentions something else that’s different
with service how compared to PCS or even mobile devices and that this is generally a shared
device that others are gonna be able to use walk up to have whiteboarding sessions what
we have to know their. We’ve designed Surface Hub so that he’s really
easy to move from user to user we wipe out everything so that the next person that comes doesn’t have access to your whiteboarding, your browsing history, or your credentials
right but of course you can customize all these behaviors for example you can define to allow users to go back and resumed their previous session or if you want to be extra
safe you can set this up to always wipe out all your data and ensure that you know
there’s nothing left there for anyone to see all of these features can be always enabled
or disabled using your management tool for large scale devices. Right, and these are all admin controlled settings, so you need
to log in as an admin these are just a couple examples of things like a timeout when the
devices gunnery sets of for example of it’s in like an executive meeting room and it’s
only used by that one person they might want to set the time out with a lot longer in terms
of being able to verses it got an a if the hallway or something in the world communal
shared space then it’s gonna be a bit more aggressive typically in their other settings
like VPN and proxy server settings that are part of that set up and customization
experience. Correct and sometimes the user can forget to end their sessions so we can always ensure that. Even if that’s the case will would wipe
out all the data. I was really great quick tour in terms the
highlights for Surface Hub the connected Microsoft 365 powered device. You can learn more about Surface Hub and access really the full list of new features including admins guide links that we are going to show at the end of the session. So thanks for joining us on this
on this quick tour but what else can you impart upon our audience? Please don’t forget guys we’re always listening
would love to hear your thoughts and your feedback. So you can always find us. Literally we’re always there in the Surface Hub community and we’re able to get back to you. Thank you so much for joining us today. Thank you Nydia. Also keep watching Microsoft mechanics for the latest updates to Surface Hub. And all the rest of the technologies across Microsoft . We’ll see you next time. [Music]