Of course, study abroad is much more than
just academics. The Newman Institute wants you to experience the travel opportunities
that being in Europe provides: the well loved natural space in Sweden, and of course the
wonderful Swedish culture. Every semester there will be a minimum of 3 excursions: one
nature experience, to an area such as the Stockholm archipelago, the western mountains,
or the far north; one trip to a major capital in Europe, such as Berlin or Paris; and one
trip to Stockholm, though there will most likely be many visits to Stockholm over the
course of the semester. The location and activities of each excursion may vary depending on the
season, but they will happen rain, snow, or sun! Another program activity that will be an important
part of your time in Sweden is your work at the second hand store, Erikshjälpen. This
collection of stores throughout Sweden gives their profits from selling donated goods to
children in need around the world. Working at the shop twice a month is an excellent
way to immerse yourself in Swedish culture by meeting and working beside real Swedish