A Day in the Life of an International Relations Student

I’m Serah, I’m currently in my final year studying International Relations with Political Science at the University of Birmingham. I’m originally from Kenya but I grew up in Greece. I live in Selly Oak which is a ten minute walk away from campus. There are many reasons as to why I decided

Studying at Strathclyde Business School

Strathclyde Business School is one of the top business schools in the UK We are well known for our research globally, but we are also well known for our teaching and engagement with industry. I chose to study in Strathclyde because when I went through the rankings for the course that I

Top 10 Canada Visa interview questions

Normally students are not required to one for Canadian visa interview, but if at all you are call for a visa interview. The questions that the visa officer will ask you Would be questions like: Why you want to study in Canada? Why this particular University? Why are this particular course? Have