My Cambridge MBA year – Julius Ibel (Germany) Summer 2019

I think my standup moments have been everything around the college life. What I’ve learned about myself in these last few months is that you never stop learning. So you always encounter someone, another person or another subject or another situation where everything’s new and you just have to adapt to it.

Congratulations to the Rice Business MBA Class of 2019!

On behalf of the faculty and staff of the Jones Graduate School welcome to the Investiture of the graduates of the MBA class of 2019. Graduates, you have worked long and hard for this moment and the Jones School community is pleased to recognize and celebrate your accomplishments. The MA Wright award

Curtin Graduate School of Business | MBA Program

>>The MBA has traditionally been positioned as a degree that allows people to move from what are essentially functional type roles into management type positions.>>So I took up an MBA because I was interested in gaining some skills to run my own business.>>I was relocated to Houston and I was able to