MMU PSF – Nick Lund on Senior Fellowship

Hello my name is Nick Lund. I am one of the Senior Learning and Teaching Fellows at Crewe campus. I have gone from Fellow to Senior Fellow, I did this last year. One of the reasons I applied is that I realised that I couldn’t promote the PSF scheme really unless I

How to Describe a Line Graph IELTS Academic Task 1

How To Describe A Line Graph For IELTS Hello there. Welcome to this new episode. I just finished recording. This is a really good episode because we’re going to go into some great detail how to describe a line graph for Academic Task 1. And you’re going to get the instructions, the

IELTS Speaking: how is it assessed?

So in this video I’m going to look at how the speaking test is assessed – so how does an IELTS examiner give you the band score well the IELTS examiner uses a form that is similar to this. This document you can find in the downloadable resources section and if i