We’ve all honestly had the most
amazing month here. The first week was Thai orientation, so we had language
classes, culture and politics classes and Muay Thai classes which was really, really
cool. Our teacher has been a godsend. He is brilliant and hilarious and he’s so
well-versed in what he’s teaching that he just makes learning come alive and
makes it really, really easy to understand and really easy to implement
in our own classrooms. The TESOL course itself was incredible. Our instructor was
so, so supportive and really put in 100%. The camps were so much fun. First day – we worked with elementary school students. Second day – we worked with high school
students. With both of them, I got a lot of love notes just from everyone which
was really sweet. They’re so eager to learn and happy that
you’re there. Teaching is not part of my background. I’m from a design background, so this is completely out of my comfort zone but I’m definitely coming out
with it, you know, ready to go into my placement and ready to take on teaching
in Thailand. In South Korea, they’re very respectful
of teachers when they see you they will constantly bow and say hello in
Korean and so they really respect you and they’re very active. They always constantly like to be up doing things and competition is a big thing here. I try to involve a lot of competition activity games. It’s opened my eyes to a
whole different culture, country and teaching. It’s definitely different from
what I saw back home because I was certified to teach native English
students in America so this is really been an eye-opener as to what it’s like
to teach someone who’s not a native English speaker, at all, so I really want
to try other places as well.