technology is going to be more important
in their lives than it has been in the lives of any other humans ever to live
on the earth and it will affect their children even more than it affects them.
The RoboZoo concept is something that we found online. It’s been done by other
people in other places we thought it was a really cool idea to be able to give
kids this kind of pseudo makeathon experience it was a three day camp we
recruited a group of middle school students and we brought them in here and
taught them some basic things about programming and microcontrollers and
then through that and three days of working with us and working with other
student mentors they were able to build these robots that you see that interact
the audience and kind of showcase what they learned. There was a group of three
kids that just like they kind of had a rough time like starting off and getting
along and working as a team. None of them would budge so they they came up with
the turtle rattle fish which has like the face of a fish and then the body of a
turtle and then like a rattlesnake tail and it was cool watching them work
together because each of them kind of programmed and built their own section
separately but worked as a team to put them all together and make it like
one cohesive robot so I just thought that that was a funny story how they
ended up actually accomplishing something and working together but also
kind of a good example of using teamwork in a good way that still kind of worked
so the tech hub funding was really helpful for this project because we need
to buy microcontrollers for the robots we needed by craft supplies we need like
food. Having the funding let us focus less on like you know how do we kind of
scrape by and just get it done to like what is the best possible way to do this
and I think it just opened a lot of doors for us in terms of looking into
options and deciding what would be like the best way to put on this camp and the
best way to teach these kids these concepts When I was that age I was kind of angsty and
I had a rough kind of childhood growing up and various experiences led me to
think that the world was a place that I couldn’t change but then I had this
revelation kind of at that age that human decisions are what made the world
the way it was and that I could make decisions to make it different for me. I’ve kind of
wanted them to get the sense that life and the world is just a big makeathon
to me that’s why it’s important to have events like this. It’s like never
better to learn a language than when you’re young. I think this technology and
engineering and just kind of a mindset that you can change the way that the
world works I think those are all kind of languages and vocabularies that you
need to build up it’s better to do it when you’re young than wait until you’re old.