My name is Christopher Neal. I’m a first-year graduate student in chemical engineering, and I received the
Jacqueline and Richard Schmeal Fellowship. My personal project is looking at
how we can use magnetic fields to assemble polymer nanoparticle
composites. So one potential application for our research is the future of
flexible electronics. For instance, a lot of companies are looking at phones that
can fold and so we need to be able to understand how to manufacture systems
that are both flexible using the polymers and somehow conductive using
those nanoparticles. Without the assistance of this fellowship, I think it
would have been really difficult for me to attend grad school. I came from almost
all the way across the United States and Knoxville, Tennessee, and so this whole
move was difficult for me both financially and academically. But with
the assistance of this fellowship, that was one less thing on my mind. So thank
you. Thank you so much for your financial support. I’m extremely grateful for this
opportunity to come and study at the University of Minnesota, and it couldn’t have
been done without your support. [music]