Hi, I’m Isaac Mastalski, I’m a first-year chemical engineering graduate student and I received the Wanat Family Fellowship. I’m working Paul Dauenhauer’s group on a project funded by ExxonMobil. The end goal of this project is to enable recycling of mixed streams of polyethylene and polypropylene using a process called pyrolysis, which is basically burning them in the absence of oxygen. Once we are able to understand the kinetics, we will hopefully be able to invent catalysts that can be used to target specific products and enable recycling of these plastics, something that is currently very difficult to do. If it wasn’t for this fellowship, I wouldn’t be attending this Ph.D. program in chemical engineering, and I wouldn’t be able to go on and help future generations
with my research here. Thank you so much for giving me this incredible opportunity to pursue a career in a field I’m very interested in and can help out the world. Thank you.