Hello, I’m Ramanish Singh. I’m a first-year graduate student in the Department of Chemical Engineering. I’ve received the Matthew Tirrell Fellowship. I completed my dual degree, which is a BS-MS
integrated program from India. My master’s thesis was on a computational study of flow of complex fluids, and from there, I was interested in computational projects. My research has applications in a wide area. It ranges from water softening to selective removal of radionuclides from liquid nuclear waste. We are trying to find efficient zeolites
for these applications, and that would make these processes
more efficient and eco-friendly. The financial support was really important to me because in the first semester, I was able
to fully focus my attention on the advisor selection process and talk to all the professors in the department to find my area of interest. Thank you Professor Tirrell, your gift has enabled me to focus completely on my research.